Somewhere In Between

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somewhereinbetween_800x1219pxA metaphysical, coming-of-age story by Katie Li

Two friends find a portal to another dimension and use this “in-between place” to avoid the stress of their everyday lives. What they don’t realize is that every time they enter, they alter reality.

Pseudo-punk Magnolia and underachieving gamer-geek Rom are two unlikely friends who only hang out during their walks home together after school. When they find the a portal that leads to different worlds, they use the “in-between place” as an escape from their lives in high school, then later, after college.

Their visits through the portal bring them teetering along a tight-rope of fantasy and reality, where they don’t always believe what is in front of them, not even their feelings for each other.

The book is about changes—the ones that you can control, and the ones that you can’t. It’s about commitment and friendship. It’s about the stages in between where you have nothing but the unknown ahead of you.

Inspired by the work of Haruki Murakami and films like Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind, Somewhere In Between is metaphysical coming-of-age story about defining love and finding yourself.

Download discussion questions for the book, written by Katie Eelman of Papercuts, JP!

Also available at these indie bookshops:

Boston, Massachusetts: Papercuts J.P., Porter Square Books, Comicopia

Portland, Maine: The Green Hand, Longfellow Books, Strange Maine

Portsmouth, New Hampshire: River Run Bookstore

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